Yidakiwuy Dhawu Miwatjngurunydja
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  Pronunciation Guide
  Who are the Yol\u?
  Welcome by Djalu' Gurruwiwi
Chapter 1 - Basic Information
  What is a Didjeridu/Yidaki?
  Where does the Didjeridu/Yidaki come from?
  How is a Yidaki Made?
Chapter 2 - Playing the Didjeridu/Yidaki
  The Drone
  Tongue Motions
  Pulses of Air from the Stomach
  The Trumpeted Note
  Adding the Voice
  Throat Muscles
  Conclusion and Examples of Yol\u Players
Chapter 3 - Yol\u Rom (Law and Culture)
  Dhuwa and Yirritja
  Dhuwa and Yirritja Yidaki
  Yothu-Yindi and Yidaki Crafting
  Yidaki and the Moieties - Ambiguities
  When, Where and by Whom Yidaki are Played
  Special Yidaki and their Stories
  Stories about Yidaki - Dju\girriny'
  Stories about Yidaki - Dhadalal
  Stories about Yidaki - Gularri
Chapter 4 - Yidaki Issues
  Are "Didjeridu" and "Yidaki" the same thing?
  How do Yol\u feel about others playing didjeridu?
  How do Yol\u feel about others teaching didjeridu?
  How do Yol\u feel about others making and selling didjeridus?
  Should non-Aboriginal women play didjeridu?
  Healing with the didjeridu
  Does playing the didjeridu connect you to Aboriginal People?
Chapter 5 - Final Thoughts
  Concluding Statements from Yol\u
Appendices - More Resources
  Djalu's Statement from Garma 2002
  Recordings of Yol\u Music
  Useful Websites Owned by or Made with Yol\u
  Non-Yol\u Didjeridu Player Survey Results
  website credits


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